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  • Short info websitehttps://cvacsystems.com/
  • Business industry:Healthcare
  • Number of Employees:Fewer than 10
  • Business type:B2C & B2B
  • Years in business:10-15
  • Valuation:TBD

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To make a significant impact on reducing the pain, suffering, death and cost of age-related diseases. CVAC Systems, Inc. is a privately held company with corporate offices in Murrieta, California. We are the developer of the CVAC Technology, which currently has two issued patents in the U.S with more than thirty claims, and ten issued patents outside the U.S.


Our advantages

CVAC Whole-Body Adaptive Conditioning Effective June 2019 Traditional aerobic and anaerobic exercise play key roles in the improvement and maintenance of physical and mental health, in part, because they stimulate the key elements of the body’s energy production capabilities (mitochondrial biogenesis), and removal of the metabolic waste products (lymphatic system mobilization) produced from this energy production and consumption. Effective lymphatic mobilization decreases the incidence of inflammation and has positive impact on the body’s immune system, endocrine balance, delivery of nutrients and improved breathing. Regular exercise and physical activity are important for people at all stages of life, as they promote cellular, mitochondrial, and metabolic efficiency. However, these benefits are not always attainable by aged, people with obesity and chronic illness who can have difficulty exercising. As the body ages, there is a decline in the ability to metabolize/utilize nutrients to support the body’s energy systems. This decline also involves genetics and environmental factors, and is found in Type 2 diabetes and other chronic illness. Lack of physical activity and calorie-rich diets are important environmental factors. The pressure cycling of the CVAC Process mimics the pulsatile nature of breathing, muscle contraction and blood flow consistent with those same found in interval, circuit and strength training without the physical exertion of concentric and many types of traditional aerobic exercise. Pilot and published data1,2,3 and observations support our hypotheses that the CVAC Process is improving mitochondrial biogenesis (energy production capability), improving oxygen utilization, and also removing metabolic waste products such as Advanced Glycation End Products.