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Unicorn Hunters Club provides its members with preferred access to select pre-IPO investment opportunities.

Purchase the stock of emerging growth companies at a substantial discount to the on-show rounds.

News, data, and insights on pre-IPO investing and unicorn companies.

Unlock rewards by referring new members and investors.

Access to educational materials on the best practices in pre-IPO investing.

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Unicorn Hunters Club FAQs


    Who can be part of the Unicorn Hunters Club?

    Unicorn Hunters is committed to creating new investment paths for potential investors from anywhere in the world. Anyone who is interested in investing or learning about investing in pre-IPO opportunities is invited to be a part of our community.

    How can I join the Unicorn Hunters Club?

    To be part of the Unicorn Hunters and enjoy all its advantages, you must register and complete access to an annual membership.

    Does membership have any cost?

    Access is free for a limited time, so join now!

Unicorn Hunters Club advantages

    What other advantages are there to being part of the Unicorn Hunters Club?

    Advantages include access to vetted pre-IPO investment opportunities; analysis, and news about the investment ecosystem; access to training programs; and the opportunity to earn rewards for your investments and referrals.


    In order to invest, do I have to be part of the Unicorn Hunters Club?

    Yes. In order to access investment opportunities, you must be a registered member of the Unicorn Hunters Club.

    Who can invest?

    Investors residing in the United States and Canada need to meet the accredited investor guidelines set forth in SEC Rule 501 and Rule 506(c) for US investors, or in section 1.1 of the National Instrument 45-106 for Canadian investors.

    Non-US and non-Canada residents do not need to be accredited investors under US and Canadian law, which could make this incredible investment opportunity available to them. Specific eligibility requirements will be determined by each issuing Company, and you are encouraged to review investment-related regulations that may apply to you in your home country.

    How, where and when can I access investment opportunities?

    After you register with the Unicorn Hunters Club, you will be able to log in and access your account. There, you will find the investment opportunities for each new season and a dashboard with your investment portfolio. Once you are registered, you will receive updates.

    Once I am part of the Unicorn Hunters Club, what does the investment process entail?

    Once you are registered, you can make an investment request through our website. Your data will be sent to the company in which you have expressed your interest, and they will take you through the entire investment process.

    What is the minimum amount that I can invest?

    The minimum amount is set by each company.

    If I am outside the US, can I invest?

    It is up to each company to define whether or not they accept international investors.

Unicorn Hunters Club gives investors access to pre-IPO investment opportunities with extraordinary potential and curates data, insights, and tools to help them make smart investment decisions.

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